Health Coach from GE

Health Coach from GE

When it comes to your health, you need answers.

Since 2006, Health Coach from GE has helped tens of thousands of GE employees and their family members deal with chronic illness, medical conditions, and claims issues. Today, Health Coach offers even more ways to support you with expert guidance and world-class medical resources.  

Support with medical issues

Health Coaches are specially trained nurses, backed by a team of doctors. Your Health Coach can assess your situation, answer your questions, and connect you to a broad range of resources — at no cost to you and your dependents enrolled in a GE medical plan.

Support for benefit and claims questions

In 2012 we introduced a service to help you understand and resolve coverage and claims issues in your GE Health Choice or GE Health Benefits medical plan. To date, Health Coach has resolved approximately 10,000 cases on behalf of GE members. Experienced representatives can assist you by working as a single point of contact among you, your insurance carrier, and your health care provider until the matter is resolved. When you need help, call 1-866-272-6007, select option 2, then option 3.

You can call Health Coach from GE at 1-866-272-6007.

Five reasons to call Health Coach from GE.

1 - Select high quality, cost-effective doctors and hospitals. Helping you find high quality providers — from primary care doctors to specialists — is a key service of Health Coach from GE. Your Health Coach can help you prepare for the visit, so you ask the right questions and get the information you need.

2 - Understand your diagnosis and treatment options. If you have a chronic illness or are diagnosed with a medical condition, your Health Coach can provide the latest treatment guidelines from nationally recognized medical organizations.You’ll feel more informed about your condition, and more confident when discussing it with your doctor. Health Coach from GE can also help arrange a second opinion if the best course of treatment is not clear.

3 - Understand your after-hours care options. When you have an after-hours issue that requires care but is not an emergency, the emergency room may not be your best option. Call Health Coach from GE to quickly review your options; equal quality care may be available at a fraction of the cost. To better understand your after-hours care options or for urgent medical care situations, you can call Health Coach 24/7.

4 - Access Lifestyle Coaching. Lifestyle Coaches are wellness professionals like nutritionists and exercise physiologists. They’ll work with you by phone to help you manage weight, stress, smoking, diabetes, heart health, nutrition, and more

5- Get help resolving medical claim issues. For questions about your GE Health Choice medical plan — such as claims or coverage — you can turn to Health Coach. Your Coach will work with the relevant parties and give you one point of contact until the problem is resolved. Just call 1-866-272-6007, select Option 2 and then Option 3.

Health Coach is available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent after-hours care questions and options.


Q. Does GE have access to what I discuss with Health Coach?
A. NO. Health Coaches are independent resources hired by GE. The service is not connected directly to our health benefits administrators or any of our health plans. Your privacy is completely protected.

Q. How does Health Coach know the right answers?
A. The medical experts at Health Coach tap into a list of trusted resources including:

  • Nationally recognized medical experts

  • Specialty societies and national organizations such as American College of Cardiology and American Cancer Society

  • Government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Health Coaches will pull all of this information together and review it with you, so you can make the right health care choices for you and your family.

Q. Who is Health Coach from GE?

A. Health Coaches are specially trained nurses, supported by a team of doctors and other specialized resources. Your Health Coach will discuss your health care questions and concerns, and can also conduct research for you using a range of resources, including specialty resources that only health professionals may access. Additionally, Health Coach’s benefits & claims support service is staffed by experienced representatives who can help you understand and resolve coverage and claims issues in your GE Health Choice or GE Health Benefits medical plan.

Q. Why is GE offering Health Coach?

A. GE wants to help you make informed health care decisions and, in turn, spend our health care dollars wisely and on high quality services.

Health Coach from GE is a confidential toll-free phone service. It is available to US based GE employees and pre-65 retirees enrolled in a GE Medical Care Option (GE Health Choice, GE Health Benefits, GE Health Care Preferred, GE Health Care Select, GE Medical Benefits or a GE-offered HMO)