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Discover the Jiff - Health Benefits App

HealthAhead offers a mobile app that allows eligible users to manage their everyday wellbeing goals. The app offers basic step, food and sleep tracking programs, a personalized dashboard, helpful tips and resources, and a fun social feed. Employees can also access available step challenges that are fun and a great way to interact and compete with GE employees around the globe.

The app is available to eligible GE employees and

Get started tracking and aim for 200 points a month!  Learn more.

Here's how to get started....

Step 1

Phone with Jiff app image

Download the Jiff-Health Benefits
 app by visiting
the Apple store
or Google Play store.

Step 2

Jiff SSO screen

Enter "GE" as your
employer name and
activate your account
using your GE SSO.

Step 3

Image of acive Jiff app

Choose the programs
that fit your goals
and start tracking
towards a healthier you!



* The Jiff experience is optimized for mobile phones

Do you need help with the Jiff - Health Benefits App?

Contact Jiff support



GE dedicated support line (US only): 1-844-307-8887
Hours: M - F 8am - 9pm ET