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What's new for 2021?

Payroll contributions
There is an increase to payroll contributions for GE Health Benefits in 2021. See your rate sheet below to determine your costs.

Out-of-pocket maximum amounts
In 2021, no individual family member will pay more out-of-pocket than $8,550 ($8,150 in 2020) for Options 1 & 2, $7,000 ($6,900 in 2020) for Option 3, or the combined family out-of-pocket maximum for the plan option in which you are enrolled. These thresholds are established by the government.

Retirees, refer to the contribution chart located inside the mailing you received in September for the annual contribution, annual deductible, co-insurance maximum and HRA credit for each option and coverage level. If you need a contribution chart, contact the GE Benefits Center at 1-800-252-5259.