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How are you getting active this HealthAhead day?Whether you are participating in the StepAhead challenge or just making the commitment to get active of the next two weeks we want every one at GE to be moving!

Make a Game of It: Pick a word. Any time you hear that word at the office get up and do a lap around the office.
Join an intramural sports team
Try Tennis! Nearly every town has a tennis court accessible to the public. Tennis is a great way to get some exercise at all ages.
Jump rope: Jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and it sure gets you a lot of steps!
Make an obstacle course: This is a great way to make it fun not just for you but also for your kids!
Race your self: Whether out for a walk or a run try to beat your time from yesterday
Back to Aerobics: Aerobic dance may seem so 1980 but its still a great way to get exercise and have fun!
Go for a bike ride
Play frisbee
Grow a garden: Not only do you get fresh fruits and veggies out of a garden, you also get steps in!
Learn self defense: Martial arts is good for your safety and your health
Water aerobics: Have leg or knee pain? No problem water aerobics is easy on the legs and joints!
Sick of the regular old treadmill? Try water jogging!
Get your whole body in motion and try a rowing machine!
Choose the farthest parking spot
Go a different way: If you are getting sick of your usual daily walk try taking a different route to avoid monotony.
Whether you take the bus or subway to work, get off one stop early to add a little extra movement to your day.
Put your treadmill in front of your tv to make the time pass by faster.
Walk while you wait: If you are 15 minutes early, park your car and get out and walk!
Volunteering events are usually active. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food bank to get some exercise while helping others.
Want to ease into running? Try starting out with intervals (i.e.. Walk 2 mins, run 20 seconds)
Get a kettlebell: Kettlebells are a great tool to build strength and endurance.
Indoor rock climbing
Try Tai Chi!
Check out a spin class
Get rollerblades
Always have your sneakers with you: If you find yourself with 15 minutes free throw on your sneaks and walk!
Trampoline park: Get jumping to increase your heart rate!
Workout while sitting: Get a tight resistance band. Put it around your ankles and while sitting at your desk move your ankles apart and back together. This builds strength in the thighs and core.
Carry weights when you walk. The extra weight burns extra calories and builds strength.
Take a walk at lunchtime, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.
Meeting on the go: Take a walking meeting instead of sitting at a conference table.
Walk to see your colleagues rather than using the phone

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What are you doing around the globe for HealthAhead Day? Share pictures, stories and videos!


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